Friday, February 24, 2006

Behind the scenes

You may be wanting to see some of the steps in the argument that I have left out or skipped over.

I have intentionally left out some of this information to keep the posts at a readable length and to make them flow. If I stopped and explained every little thing, most people would stop reading. And the ones who persisted in reading would be in danger of missing the big point.

In an attempt to accommodate those who want more detail without overwhelming those who don’t, I’ve started a companion blog:
Behind the Scenes. I will use it to hold the things that would normally go in footnotes.

I will go back a few posts and add notes which are linked to this blog. In the future I will post the notes at the same time as the regular post. Remember, however, the best use we can get from this blog is for you to post your own questions and comments right here.

Pastor Rod

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