Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Official Definitions

Some have argued that I have no real understanding of what expository preaching is. So I have quoted from the official arbiter of all things expository:
“The only logical response to inerrant Scripture, then, is to preach it expositionally. By expositionally, I mean preaching in such a way that the meaning of the Bible passage is presented entirely and exactly as it was intended by God.”
John MacArthur, Rediscovering expository preaching, (p. 23).

“What does it matter that we have an inerrant text if we do not deal with the basic phenomena of communication, e.g., words, sentences, grammar, morphology, syntax, etc.? And if we do not, why bother preaching it?
John MacArthur, Rediscovering expository preaching, (p. 24).

Preaching is first and foremost a service to the mind as groundwork for a service to the heart. The will and emotions are influenced in a lasting way only in proportion to the degree that the mind has learned correct biblical teaching and the level of behavior consonant with that teaching.
John MacArthur, Rediscovering expository preaching, (p. 149).

“The expositor depends on the power of the text itself when rightly explained, and is assured that application of the truth in a personal and individual way is ultimately the responsibility of the listener, in concert with the Holy Spirit, of course.”
John MacArthur, Rediscovering expository preaching, (p. 356).
MacArthur believes that it is the job of the expositor to explain the text and that this is the only purpose worthy of a preacher.

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Luke Britt said...

You could have at least used John Stott.

Luke Britt said...

Check out this link:

Anonymous said...

Don Johnson

The few times I have heard JM on the radio, I was totally unimpressed. In discussing Genesis, he claimed create and form meant the same thing, which is totally bogus. He also totally botched understanding Mat 19:3 in 1st century context and therefore misunderstood the subsequent verses.