Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Non-Missional Assumptions

Reggie McNeal in his book, The Present Future, lists some assumptions that are widely held within the church which are also antithetical to a missional mindset.
  • If we do church right (according to our current ideas of church) then people will flock to our church.
  • If we grow our churches, then we will automatically start to make a difference in our communities.
  • If we make our people better church members, then they will naturally do effective evangelism.
  • We need more people in our churches to do church work.
  • The more people are involved in the church, the better disciples they are becoming.

  • The better we get at planning, the better we will be at missional effectiveness.
Some of these assumptions are so deeply engrained in our programs and systems, that we cannot escape them unless we start over. Many long-time church members will think that some of these assumptions are straight from the Bible. Many of the denominational programs and emphases are rooted in one or more of these assumptions.

So what do you think?

Do you agree with Reggie’s list? Do you have other assumptions that you think should be added to the list?

Pastor Rod

“Helping you become the person God created you to be”


    Missional Jerry said...

    I think Reggies list is the perfect place to start the discussion.

    He begins with those deep assumptions because they are so prevelant.

    One of my questions is what happens after we begin to deal with reggies questions?

    Pastor Rod said...


    I think the short answer is that we do whatever we can to do incarnational ministry in the community in which we find ourselves.

    Unfortunately, there is no book to tell us how to do that.


    blind beggar said...

    Reggie makes good points.

    We can't follow an American business model in being a missional people.