Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sono in Italia

On Sunday afternoon, I left for Italy. I will be in Sicily for a few weeks. I am teaching English at a couple of middle schools in Termini Imerese. It is the Sister City for Elk Grove Village. I was here for a few weeks in 2005 doing the same thing.

I intend to continue my series on the Reasons to Abandon Christianity. But I will also include a few personal posts from time to time. I apologize in advance if I don't respond to your comments in a timely manner. It doesn't mean that I'm not interested in what you have to say.

I'm staying with some dear friends who treat me as part of their family. Their daughter is expecting a baby girl in April. I feel like an uncle.

The people here know how to enjoy good food, friendship and life in general. Every time I come here, I am convinced that we need to slow down in America. We spend too much time on things that are not terribly important.

Hospitality is an art form in Italy. Coincidentally, I'm reading a book by Miroslav Volf, Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace. I'll have to post some of his excellent comments about generosity and forgiveness.

There are few things that make me feel more truly human than when someone's face lights up in recognition and he or she comes toward me with a huge smile and outstretched arms. Hugging is good for the soul. These people value me just for being here, without me doing anything for them. We should all give this gift to the people in our lives.

I appreciate all of you who pay me the honor of caring about what I write here. I especially appreciate the double honor you grant me when you take the time to offer your own comments.

May God bless you and encourage you to share his love with those you meet today,

Pastor Rod

"Helping You Become the Person God Created You to Be"


jeff franczak said...

“Life is not a race; it’s a journey. We’ve got to remember it’s not how fast we live that’s important; it’s how well we live.”

Pastor David Clack, Conejo Valley Community Church

Pastor Rod said...

Good words, Jeff.

The weather here is similar to California.

But it gets chilly at night (in the 50s). On top of that, I have to eat all this fresh food and incredible pasta. Oh well, we all have to make sacrifices from time to time.

(It would be nice to get some sleep, though.)