Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sound Familiar?

The words "liberal" and "fundamentalist" are used today not so much to identify oneself as to label the enemy. . . . There are terms of moral opprobrium that each side employs to attack the other: the fundamentalist is arrogant, blinkered, and culturally illiterate; the liberal is flabby, timid, and carried along by every new fashion of thought. From the point of view of the fundamentalist, doubt is sin; from the point of view the liberal, capacity for doubt is a measure of intellectual integrity and honesty.

Replace the word liberal with emergent and this sounds like a commentary on today's blogging world. But this observation was written in 1995 by Lesslie Newbigin in Proper Confidence.

Pastor Rod

"Helping You Become the Person God Created You to Be"


Douglas said...

Hi. Just searched for Kingdom Come on Google and your blog came up. I read your line "Helping you become the person created you to become.." or something like that. I don't really know your true intent with this, but: shouldn't we be the people we want to be. Isn't that something more worthy of pursuing? Just a thought.

Pastor Rod said...


As it turns out, the person we really want to be is the same as the person God created us to be. The problem is that we often have difficulty identifying who that person is when we start from what we think we want.

I have a question for you. I'm interested in knowing why you feel that it is more noble to pursue our own idea of who we should be.

I'm not trying to have a debate, I just want to understand your reasoning here. I can understand someone saying, "I'm going to decide who I want to be." I don't quite get the reasoning that grants that mindset "noble" status.

Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to add your voice to the conversation.