Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goin' Mobile

I finally replaced my old Compaq iPAQ with a Smartphone. Because my wife works for Motorola I was limited to their products. Fortunately, the new Q9m is a big improvement over the original Q.

The battery lasts longer, the keyboard is easier to use.

I added Verizon's data plan to our Family Talk plan for a surprisingly reasonable price.

I replaced my PDA and phone with one device that is not much bigger than my phone that also has Internet access.

This is the first message that I've tried to post from the Q. I suspect that the formatting will not look the same. We'll see how it goes.

Pastor Rod


Anonymous said...

Pastor Rod,
I'm a pastor who's become enamoured with the cell phone industry the last several months. I listen to podcasts, read blogs, and spend way too much time learning about the newest phones coming out.

The irony is that I've never owned a cool phone, only the free-with-contract ones that do nothing more than make calls.

But I'm thinking of getting a smartphone. The thing I'm going back-and-forth on is whether or not the constant communication ability granted by that device will work for or against the better impulses of my vocation. Some days I think getting a smartphone is a concession to an efficiency-driven culture; other days I think it's what you need to have to be a more available and effective pastor.

I'd be interested to see you do some missional reflecting on the smartphone.


Pastor Rod said...


I was planning to take you up on your suggestion, but I've been unusually busy lately. Maybe in a little while I will be able to make some observations.