Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Friendship Evangelism?

Here are excerpts from two blogs. Both of these people reject Friendship Evangelism, but for very different reasons.

Passive Friendship Evangelism Committee: "Words from Dr. William Willimon: ‘We, as the church, need to mock the world, instead of being so accepting and encouraging of it. We celebrate sin, by honoring sinners.’"

The Martin-Weber Chronicles: What Would You Say? Part 2: "I reject the idea of ‘friendship evangelism’ even after all my years of being indoctrinated with this method of evangelism. If I began a relationship with this person there would be something other than me wanting to convince them of anything, we would have to share life on some level. My faith would never be a secret, but I wouldn’t be trying to manipulate conversations to not-so-subtly point out how they need God. I would seek to be in genuine relationship with this person, no hidden agenda. I do however believe in 'worship evangelism' and always be striving to live a life of worship- no apologies."

So do you agree with the first guy that “Friendship Evangelism” is too passive and too accommodating? Or do you agree with the second guy that “Friendship Evangelism” is too manipulative?

I don’t want this just to be a poll. I’d like it to be a discussion. Tell me why you feel the way you do.

Pastor Rod

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Pastor Rod said...

Let's see if we can get this discussion started? Did Jesus mock anyone in the Gospels?

ADieL said...

I dont agree with the mocking idea. The second guy made a good point about it being manipulative and deceptive. However, I think the biggest problem is that its not biblical. Imagine if your new "friend" were to die tonight and you never got the chance to share the gospel with them because you were still waiting to "earn their trust"? Imagine if the apostles had kept their mouths shut and instead of preaching the gospel befriended everybody on the Day of Pentecost. Dont get me wrong... being friendly is great; but its the gospel that is the power of God unto salvation not friendship! Be friendly. Smile and make it a habit to say "Hi!" to strangers, but be honest with them. Learn how to deliberately switch the conversation from the natural realm into the spiritual realm and proclaim Gods word to them today while there is still time! If you dont know how, then equip yourself! Learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically and then go out there and seek and save the lost the way Jesus did!