Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How To

Here’s a suggestion about how to go about “evangelism” at Emerging Evangelism: "For people who want to know what incarnational ministry looks like there is only really one way to go about it. I offer a three step process to success (cheeky grin) in incarnational ministry:

  1. Stop the frenetic activity. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Take a seat and have a good look around (you will need to open your eyes again for this bit). If you only see Churchey people when you are looking around, you need to go and sit somewhere else. Try the pub.
  2. Ask your self what Jesus would have done to interact with the people you see. Banish all those ideas for evangelistic events, get them out of your mind, its not about that. How would Jesus have spoken to them. What would he have worn. Who would he be mixing with.
  3. Now go and do it.

The principle of incarnational mission is simple."

So what do you think? Does this make sense? Do you think it is oversimplified? Do you think it is not intentional enough? Do you think it follows the example of Jesus? Is this the way he would do evangelism today?

Pastor Rod

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