Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another Prayer

Father, we celebrate the stunning variety of your creation which is populated with creatures

  • as enormous as the humpback whale,

  • as swift as the humming bird,

  • as delicate as the seahorse,

  • as majestic as the Bengal tiger, and

  • as unusual as the three-toed sloth.
We also celebrate the various cultures, customs and civilizations of those special human creatures which you have made in your own image.

We thank you for your unconditional love that does not consider the shape of our body, the balance of our bank account, the color of our skin, the extent of our education, or the degree of our fame.

May we experience your love and grace so completely that we may be graceful and loving to others as your image becomes more noticeable in our own words and in our own actions.


Pastor Rod

“Helping you become the person God created you to be”

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