Friday, May 12, 2006

Sono Arrivato

I made it to Italy. Sicily is nice, but the people are even nicer. I've met many old friends. I'm staying at the home of the local police chief. His wife must be the best cook in all of Italy. Today is her birthday.

Yesterday we went to the local catholic church to deliver a letter to the priest. (This is not the main church for the town. This is a little church at the edge of the city.) Several people were waiting to meet with the priest. The people really believe that he controls their access to God.

I read
Scot McKnight's book, Embracing Grace, on the flight over. It’s an excellent book. When I return to the States, I’ll do a proper review. Scot’s got the right idea. I can’t wait to start quoting his book in my sermons and in this blog.

Today I met with several school officials to set up a time for me to return to teach English.

Right now I’m posting this from the office of the police chief. He’s off today, but he brought me by his office to use the Internet. He just left me here and told me to take as long as I like.

I’m teaching two Internet classes for
IWU while I’m here. I did a lot of the work before I left. I mostly just need to check in every day to make sure there are no problems.

I’ll give another update when I can.

Pastor Rod

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