Saturday, September 01, 2007

Addicted to “Success”

Western culture is obsessed with its image of success. Professional sports teams fire their coaches because they don't win championships. Businesses "need to show earnings growth to satisfy both equity analysts and investors." Even scientists succumb to the pressure to succeed and fudge the results of their research.

One doesn't need to engage in extensive investigation to discover that the same disease has infected the Church.

We must break with the big is better mentality of the Western world and learn the foolishness of the cross of Jesus, which says, "Small is beautiful." We must courageously open ourselves to the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit in order to increase the gifts of God in our life. If we are not willing to get radical for Christ, he will never be a radical force in our lives, and we will remain in our darkness and pain.

How to Build Spiritual Muscles, John Michael Talbot

The danger is not only spectacular failure when high-profile leaders crash and burn. But this addiction to "success" also prevents us from experiencing the true power of God which can only be known in weakness.

Pastor Rod

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